Our philosophy of Wood, Fun & Games

We communicate with our products a liberal, creative, natural, active, fun & sport-oriented way of life. Within the company, the key is clean work and production. We aim at a regular inspection of the garment production plants, and in our own workshop, too, we attach great importance to safety and order. Within the entire value chain, we are continually pursuing the goal of establishing our connection with nature and appreciating its precious resources. We always communicate transparently, from where we refer which products and materials. By conviction, we have all the clothing parts manufactured in Europe, mainly in Portugal and thus with a very good quality and in certified production sites. We are, of course, concerned with sustainability and social aspects. In order to gain trustworthy production partners for us, we maintain 

constant contact and regularly schedule personal meetings in the production plants. With regard to sports equipment, we pursue the basic idea of offering an individualised product designed and individualised to the customer and define our target group exactly and specifically. Our motto "Fun sports is not grown up, but remains constantly wild, dynamic, unbound and creative". We give every sports good a unique character. In addition, we offer the customer individual sports equipment which is specially designed for his body geometry and fits his character and riding style like no other.


As visionaries, we strive to establish ourselves on the European market, with a holistic, sustainable product range, its function, innovation and attractive, new, individual design.