A Crackpot idea

It all started at 6:30a.m. with a beer at the trainstation in Mittenwald/Bavaria after a rough night. That´s where the idea hocked into our brains to design handmade necklaces with wooden beds and carved pendants. At first it was just supposed to be secondarily. The name Middlewood was distinct on the spot. The most important quality attribute was that all ingredients needed to be made from renewable resources; unique designs the second. The demand grew fast; to our surprise; more customised products than we´ve expected.  The portfolio of different necklaces, bracelets and pendants got bigger and we started to develop small pieces of furniture, decoration and toques. This is where first requests besides family and friends came in and the hobby became a part-time job. The decision to establish a CCuCL was here. That´s when the thought came in to make the brand to something big that we all can live of. The amount of potential ideas was huge but the ISPO visit 2017 changed the concept and everything else. 

The fact that we also want to develop cool Middlewood clothing was integrated already last year. With the decision to build high-quality, individual and sustainable produced sports equipment made of wood, the chain between the love of wood and the love of sport was finally locked up tight. At this point also made a casual selection of clothing for leisure and for the sport absolutely relevant. The basic idea for the concept was born. Within the following months, it was refined and every detail considered and fixed within a professional start-up project. In March 2017, after a long search, we have found a suitable location for the workshop and office - an oversized workshop. In the “Board Shack”, we´ve rent three parties and prepared them in painstaking self-service. With the delivery of the wood-crafting machines, the production of the office furniture and the first materials the story begun it´s second chapter. Since then, we have been giving more than all our heart and working with anticipation, precision and motivation to develop our first products.